Friday, June 03, 2005

Cooking for One

Puff pastry galettes topped with creamy scrambled eggs and prosciutto. Posted by Hello

I love eggs. Scrambled, soft-boiled, sunny-side up, poached, coddled, in an omelette - I love them all. But I particularly love it scrambled. Give me a plate of soft, set-just-so curds any day of the week, any time of the day. Left to my own devices, I could happily inhale this wobbly goodness every single day and never tire of it.

As much as I enjoy my scramble unmucked-about-with, there's something to be said for its sheer versatility. Dress it down with caramelised rashers of grilled bacon. Or rain wafer-thin slices of glamorous white truffle over it. Thanks to its amiable nature, this essentially humble treat takes on any number of guises.

For tonight's dinner, I took the haute bourgeois route, sliding the unctuous mass onto waiting discs of homemade puff pastry, then scattering over torn ribbons of prosciutto. Creamy eggs almost the consistency of custard, crisply shattering shards of all-butter pastry, the salty tang of cured meat - as far as solitary sustenance goes, not bad at all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. the image of the puff pastry on egss look really terrific. Makes me wish you had extra servings that you would have handed out when cooking for one! Surely you made them in batches (and had left overs!)

Would you have any egg recipes that would be ideal presentation on/with the humble slice of toast? Beggers often ask for simply a piece of toast (why?) - with this, was wondering if you had such a recipe so i could impress my mum with the simplicity of eggs with toast - yet offering the manner and presentation in which a great cook (as it appears you are) would treat more economically prepared dishes/ingredients (i am not sure but for a large food event i attended in Feb they used only egss from Brazil). Next time you cook for one do keep me in mind for a recipe reccomendation - PLEASE.
My mum hardly gets enough vegetables in her diet so and egg vege suggestion would be terrific..

You are amazing! Your writing skills are so 'one of a kind' not many people have such journalistic genius!


12:38 am, June 06, 2005  
Blogger Joycelyn said...

hi anon

thanks for your wonderful comments - you are very kind.

i love the idea of a cheap-but-chic eggs-on-toast recipe.

i will be sure to post a recipe in the near future, hopefully in the next couple of days if time permits.

6:41 pm, June 06, 2005  

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